Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new sewing machine

Brother Computerized 110-stitch Function Sewing...includes: Hard Case & Quilting Accessories

A few years back my Mother-in-law bought us a cheapo sewing machine from walmart for Xmas. I was a beginner and didn't think I needed anything fancy with a ton of gadgets.  The more sewing I did, the more I hated the machine, which made me dread taking it out to work on projects. Which almost made me think I hated sewing (Blasphemy,  right?!)

I got a new sewing machine for Mother's day. It's Ahhhhhmazing. :D Especially compared to my old one. I didn't realize how big of a difference a quality machine would make in my projects. Not only am I in love with my new machine, I'm in love with sewing again. This machine has been so simple to use. It does all the work for me, and I'm just there supervising. Now thats my kind of project; Sit back, relax and watch something beautiful blossom before your eyes. I now wonder how my sewing skills would compare had I started out with this machine as a beginner. Would I know the stresses of tension troubles? Would I even know how to thread a bobbin?


  1. I totally hear ya on that one. I still have my bottom of the line Kenmore and often entertain the notion of getting a new, fancy one (or requesting one for Christmas). I'm having serious tension issues - the machine has the issues, which causes me great emotional tension. Anyhoo, I get intimidated by all the options when I start shopping around. Are you still happy with your machine? I think I might look into it some more as a possibility. Happy Fourth!

  2. Oooooooh. Thank you for pointing this out. Both machines I have had were bottom of the line because I only use simple stitches, and I was starting to think I was cursed. Tension issues is right! Tension all over the place!!!!!


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