Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifty tea box

My knick-knack rack needed to be prettied up a bit. All it took was: 
  • a tea box
  • a piece of scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paint brush 
  • and mod podge 

I started by tracing the sides of the tea box on the back of the scrapbook paper. Cut them out. Painted a layer of mod Podge on the box, stuck the paper on and then painted 2 more coats of mod podge over the scrapbook paper. 


I'm fascinated by how much joy a pretty little tea box can bring me when I walk by. I see it and think to myself 1) I DID THAT! 2) oooh its so purty. hah

Now I just need to organize the other knickknacks on the shelf and perhaps pretty up some other things.
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  1. How cute!! I love the little tea box!!

    Rene' @

  2. That is great!!! I am definitely going to borrow this idea. Thanks.

  3. Who would of thought of making their tea prettier!! I so love the idea!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  4. Okay, Kim, is that my shelf?? LOL We have the same coconut oil, sugar, and instant coffee LMAO I love love LOVE the idea of sprucing up the tea box, too! Makes me think of how I can save them and use them for gift boxes for later :))


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