Monday, May 3, 2010

Washer Necklaces

Mother's day is quickly approaching, so this craft got priority over the others. And costing less then $10 for all my supplies, I have enough to make for all the women in my family and even my 3 bestfriends. Now that is thrifty!
First I sent my husband out to Harbor Freight. He is probably the only guy I know that hates home improvement /tool stores. He bought the Stamping set  for $4.99 (on sale) and I picked up a dozen different sized washers from Home Depot for $2. I got home, got my hammer and went straight to pounding. I made necklaces for my mom ("Bubbe"), mother-in-law ("Grandma"), and Sister. For my sister I used 4 different sized washers. The biggest washer says "Yishai & Shalom" (her two oldset boys). The next size down says "Nissim & Mendy" (the two younger boys) and the next smallest says "Shira" (Her youngest baby and ONLY girl). Then the smallest one on top says "Mom". I then laced all of my sisters together and it took me less then 20 minutes to do it all.
I have a few more I'd like to make. I'm still deciding on what I want them to say though.

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  1. This is waaaaay cute! I think I'll be making this for my grandma's birthday in September.. and probably my mom's birthday in September. Plus Josh will love having an excuse to go to harbor freight!

  2. i saw some like online selling for $20.00 each!! glad I can now make my own! :)


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