Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sparkle Shelf

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving paint?! If you knew me IRL you would see that I'm quite a colorful person. I have tried to keep it toned down since High School. So, now that I've found a new way to express the rainbows coming out of my ears, I've been pretty excited. And sample paints?! :drool: Any color of the rainbow for only $3 is just a tease.Or maybe I should take it as a challenge? Hmmm...

Well, on with the show. I gave you all a little peak of this shelf  a month ago with all the other projects I had in progress. Its one of those hideous old pieces of wood that you would find at your granny's house local thrift shop. On the right is a picture of it with some primer on it.

Here it is with just one layer of lilac paint; that I saved from craigslist Free section (How I love thee).

Now if you take a closer peak, you'll see that it even has a bit of sparkle to match the princess themed bathroom.

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  1. oh I love that how cute, thank you so much for commenting on my blog I hope it gives you much use



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