Friday, September 3, 2010

Damn dog (1)

She looks cute and innocent, but damn is she a pain in the rear. Her mom was a poodle/maltese and her dad was a yorkie/something. She is hypoallergenic so thats a big plus; I'm allergic to dogs. We got her in April and she was only 6 weeks old.
Since then, she has eaten so many dolls, princesses, toys, shoes etc. Really anything she could get her grubby little paws on. Yesterday we went out for 10 minutes, to get DD1's soccer uniform, and the dog got into the trash and enjoyed a poopy diaper. Thankfully dad made it home before I did and he cleaned it up. ;)
Some times I just got to laugh at the ridiculousness of the things she ruins. I'm going to now start documenting it.
I should have started this series a long time ago...


  1. awwww she IS a cutie! :) Louie is supposed to be a mix between a lhasa apso and a shih tzu. But he's a rescue so we really don't know. He's about 6 and spoiled rotten. Actually belongs to my daughter, but I have permanent custody at the moment. :)
    thanks for sharing! good luck with the whole "puppy" thing!

  2. Kim, thanks for entering my CSN stores giveaway! I know what you mean about dogs. My dog ate a starfish that I bought from Hobby Lobby and had it coming out of both ends for 3 days. I know maybe too much info, but I knew you would understand my frustration.


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