Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The journey begins

I have decided to expand this blog to include more then just my crafts.
Although I have been living a somewhat idle life in San Diego, CA, our journey is about to begin. DH will be graduating from SDSU this December 2010 with a degree in Arts and the hopes of being a video game designer. We are not sure where we settle down and although strong roots are very important; we too must embrace and enjoy the process to fully appreciate our future home.

This is where I will write about the journey.


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  1. it's breez. I forgot about your blog :) Reading it is like getting to know a whole new Kim! You're a good writer. Something I JUST CANT get good at for some reason. I have all these ideas for blog topics and even think about writing a book, but I really do suck at writing.


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