Friday, October 8, 2010

lil turq rocker

What can $2 buy you? Aside from a bean & cheese burrito from Cazodores. This cute lil kiddy rocker was found at a nearby yard sale for a steal of a deal.

I knew that it needed to be turq'ed. Yeah, that's a real verb (in my land). With a couple spritzes of paint I now have this sweet thang. Now if only I could grow a pair and antique it with the burnt umber acrylic paint. Why is that part so hard?   

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  1. Cute! And a great steal! My grandma used to have a rocking chair just like that when I was little. I wonder if she still has it...

  2. Glaze from Sherwin WIlliams in Mission Valley. It's kinda hidden, but it's water-based glaze and makes anything look good. Rub it on and spread it (twss). Very forgiving, too


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