Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to keep your razors sharp

A few months back I stumbled across this instructable on how to keep your razors sharp. My husband and I have now used the same razor (each our own) since then. Its hard to believe something so simple can really save you so much money and the landfills dont fill up with more crap.

So, are you ready to give this a try? After shaving, get out a pair of jeans and run your razor down them (the opposite direction you would use to shave) about 10-20 times. Then flip the jeans around and again run your razor down (the opposite direction you would use to shave) 10-20 times. Thats it. You are done. Enjoy your fresh shave.

Now if I really had my way I would be using this home laser Silk'n SensEpil.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sparkle Shelf

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving paint?! If you knew me IRL you would see that I'm quite a colorful person. I have tried to keep it toned down since High School. So, now that I've found a new way to express the rainbows coming out of my ears, I've been pretty excited. And sample paints?! :drool: Any color of the rainbow for only $3 is just a tease.Or maybe I should take it as a challenge? Hmmm...

Well, on with the show. I gave you all a little peak of this shelf  a month ago with all the other projects I had in progress. Its one of those hideous old pieces of wood that you would find at your granny's house local thrift shop. On the right is a picture of it with some primer on it.

Here it is with just one layer of lilac paint; that I saved from craigslist Free section (How I love thee).

Now if you take a closer peak, you'll see that it even has a bit of sparkle to match the princess themed bathroom.

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