Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My battle with thrush and the VCO cure

This post will be link heavy. I apologize in advance, but I also want to make sure you get all the info you need without running around searching for things you've never heard of. I was there once before, and it was so overwhelming. I wish someone laid it all out on the table for me.

After mentioning to my sister that I had eaten a teaspoon of Coconut Oil, she asked me "Why? What does it do?"
At a loss for words, I say "What does it NOT do?"

Now let me start from the beginning, when Suki was born, and until she was at least 8 months old, I struggled with chronic Thrush. It slowly spread to my milk ducts. It was indescribably painful. I would sob everytime I needed to nurse. I soon started having anxiety attacks at the thought of it. I was at the end of my rope. I literally tried EVERYTHING! We were purple from the Gentian Violet. I ate raw grapefruit seeds (instead of the extract). I was on probiotics, drinking kefir and eating plain yogurt. We washed the laundry with vinegar and tea tree oil. After reading great reviews on it, I started taking things like yeast cleanse I followed the Jack Newman Candida Protocol to a T. I had multiple midwife appointments to get Nystatin and Fluconazole, also known as Diflucan (My midwife and I were not keen on this. And she was very hesitant on giving me the prescription. But because I had tried everything else we could think of, she reluctantly gave in). But nothing was working.

Finally I came across Caprylic acid as another "cure". I did some research and found that it comes from the coconut. Then I started searching Coconut + yeast/thrush. I found this site. JACKPOT!! This site linked me to the published medical study showing that Coconut Oil is as effective as fluconazole. The study even says "Coconut oil should be used in the treatment of fungal infections in view of emerging drug-resistant Candida species.". gave me the dosage info for Virgin Coconut Oil and I started it immediately.
Imagine my surprise when something so simple gave me instant relief from the itching. I continued to apply the oil on my nipples before and after a nursing session and I drank it mixed in with a glass of OJ (not my favorite, but it was the best mixture I could handle). Soon, the stabbing pain in my milk ducts went away. I was in shock. After 9+ months, I had forgotten what it was like to nurse pain-free. Our nursing relationship was saved. Instead of cringing and curling my toes while I suffered through another feeding, I could finally look down at my nursing baby and smile. Best of all, she smiled right back at me, oblivious to the struggles I had gone through, but thankful all the same. That made it all worth it.

Suki is still happily nursing at 20 months old.  I persevered through flat nipples, and other trauma with her older sister, Adina, who self weaned at 2 years and 10 months. I have succeeded at breastfeeding.

I hope that my trials and tribulations can help to inspire you and save you from the same agony I went through. I hope you too will experience the bliss of nourishing a baby at your chest.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 reasons why moms should craft

1) Excuse to shop for "supplies" - Need I say more? Supply shopping can actually be quite fun. I try to keep all the supplies I need for a handful of crafts on hand. So if I get the urge to create something at 10pm on Sunday night, I can do it before the moment passes.

2) Express your creativity - We all need an outlet for our creative juices. Though sometimes that could be hard after a day of drawing hearts, stars and stick figures for your 4 year old all day; challenge yourself to create something fabulous.

3) Take time to yourself - Most of us can admit to needing a break from being Mom, wife, taxi driver, chef, maid and preschool teacher. Its OK to take some time to yourself and create something.

4) Sense of accomplishment - Without a doubt I enjoy the fruits of my labor. :ahem: My 2 daughters. :smile: But there is something that I feel instantly and continuously when I just glance at my finished projects. The feeling of accomplishment that you wouldn't necessarily feel even when your amazing children leave the nest.

5) Show your children the joy of crafting - Be prepared, because the moment you bring out all your supplies, suddenly you'll have a shadow wanting to join in the fun. Have a similar, age appropriate projects ready for your child to craft. 

Tell us why you craft.