Monday, January 9, 2012

Xmas crafts

We made our Trader Joes gingerbread house on Xmas eve. After taking pictures we let them eat it. Why do gingerbread houses look better then they taste? The kids didnt gorge themselves too much and still had an appetite once it was time for the big meal. Win Win.

We made this Santa beard advent calendar with cotton balls. I had a hard time doing it each day. But it paid off when the kids wernt fighting to put the one cotton ball on, and instead we had 3 or four. whoops.I have to admit its pretty cute.

- Kim

Friday, January 6, 2012

These hands are full

I've been busy. Very busy. My 2 year old daughter loves to find trouble (so does her mom).
It's hard to complete any project for fear of one of the following happening [again].

That would be 20 pounds of bread flour with a side of Suki. Or as she thought; snow.