About me

I'm not your average housewife or stay at home mom.
For one, I hate cleaning. You know that saying,  Cleaning your house while you have kids is like shoveling the sidewalk while its still snowing. Yeah, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  
Im a jeans and tshirt (especially when they are old and worn out. Ahhh so comfy) wearing,  Hippie at heart (though I was born about 20 years too late to really embrace my hippie soul), reality TV watching, burrito eating, water and horchata drinking, married to a Hawaiian (So I'm the Haole), "crunchy" mom (Unassisted home birthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering (when there was only 1 kiddo), non-vaxing, Vegetarian, Anti-Circumcision (hope to have a little boy one day so I can keep him INTACT like nature intended him) to 2 girls; LoveBug 2/06 and JuneBug 6/09, minivan driving, non-trusting, non-believing woman living in a big city dreaming of the perfect small town life with the perfect people to call neighbors. I have a weakness for gadgets. I love gadgets. I can't say no to gadgets. Who doesnt love a gadget?! 
I have always had short hair, but I have decided to grow it out long with my daughter. My husband is really excited about this. I cant make any guarantees that it'll get past my shoulders. That always seems to be the length where I cant stand it anymore and off it goes like one of Henry VIII's wives. I hardly ever wear makeup or dress up for special occasions. I love to be outdoors. I hate to "exercise", but I love to be on the move. I can't wait to take my daughters [tent] camping, but I'm still terrified at the thought of a sleepless night in the middle of no where. So we shall wait a few more years. RVing on the other hand sounds do-able. Now if only we knew someone with an RV. Anyone?
I love to craft. It sounds simple but the possibilities are endless. I make quilts, hair bows, word decorations to hang on the walls and paint little bird houses with my 4 year old.I have hundreds of crafts on my to-do list. I should go get started...
Oh, did I mention I have ADD? yeah, fun times. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. ;)
Oh, and Welcome to my new blog.


Questions or suggestions? Contact me at: hippiehugger (at) gmail (dot) com